Disney Rolls Out Wearable Device

Speaking of wearable computing apps (and big data….), we shouldn’t be too surprised to find Disney pushing the leading edge.

MyMagic+  is rolling out this week with a wearable device that assists the “guests” to enjoy their visit (and get rid of even more money).

MagicBands are innovative all-in-one devices that you can use to enter Disney theme parks, unlock your Disney Resort hotel room, use the FastPass+ entrance for attractions and entertainment experiences you selected, charge purchases to your room, and link Disney PhotoPass photos to your Disney account.


The styling is aimed at–wait for it–kids, so I’m not terribly attracted. But that is just surface, it can be reskinned for grown ups.

(I haven’t been to Disney since the 1970s, so I have not tried this system in person.  I almost want to visit just to try out the device.  Do they have “geek specials”?)

Disney being Disney, it’s all terrifying brilliant, organized, and integrated.  Wayfaring plus electronic payments plus personalized customer recognition. I like the social features that facilitate (controlled) sharing.  I’m sure parental units appreciate effective reservation systems.  And who can doubt that soon Mickey will know everyone’s name via their bracelet? Awesome.

Though not emphasized in the customer information, this undoubtedly gives Disney a wealth of data about customer behavior, potentially in real time. Phew!  Even if it cost $1B as reported, it is probably worth it for the data alone.

Where Disney goes, others will surely follow.  (You’d be an idiot not to pay attention to what they do, IMO.)

It’s going to get messy, though, when I have to wear wrist bands for a bunch of different “experiences”:  Walmart, McDonalds, etc. will all want their own bracelets.  I’ll have to wear both my Pepsi and my Coke bracelets.  My arm is getting tired already!

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