Documenting My Erdos Number: 4 (Pure Egotism)

Occasionally I’ve claimed an “Erdös number‘, based on coauthorship links.  In the interest of accuracy, I finally collected a documented chain that shows my Erdös number to be 4.  Whatever I may have said in the past, this is the correct number.

REM -> Damien Guillaume -> Fionn Murtagh -> Jogesh Babu -> Paul Erdös

There is more than one way to get this result, but here is one chain length 4.

1. McGrath, Robert E., Joe Futrelle, Ray Plante, and Damien Guillaume. Digital Library Technology for Locating and Accessing Scientific Data. In ACM Digital Libraries ’99, 1999, 188-194.

2. Murtagh, Fionn and Damien Guillaume, Distributed Information Retrieval Search and Processing in Astronomy. 2000.

3. Mukherjee, S., E.D. Feigelson, G.J. Babu, F. Murtagh, C. Fraley, and A. Raftery, Three types of gamma ray bursts. The Astrophysical Journal, 508:314-327, 1998.

4. Babu, Gutti Jogesh and Paul. A Erdös, A note on the distribution function of additive arithmetical functions in short intervals. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 32 (9):441-448, 1989.

Another “steps of separation number” (which I made up):  I’m proud of is my “Von Neumann’s Lab” number, which is 2.  This represents a chain of “grad assistantships”.

The chain is:

REM –Teaching Assistant–> Daniel Slotnick –Research Assistant–>J. Von Neumann

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