Cool 3D Display

Researchers from Brazilian and Canadian Universities (I won’t list all the collaborators here) showed a cool 3D interactive display at SIGGraph2014 last month.

The Spheree looks awesome (I haven’t seen it in person).

As so often happens, I’ve seen all the pieces separately, but they have integrated them very nicely.

The display uses multiple pico projectors, with some very clean merging of the multiple images to make them seamless, and automatic calibration to create a smooth perspective view from ‘any’ angle.  The autocallibration is said to use feedback from a simple web cam.

The position of the user’s head is tracked with simple IR tracking (and a headband).  Interaction uses Leap Motion controller.

And apparently, the scene is done with open source Blender, which, I assume, they can extend and hack as needed.

Like I said, most of the pieces are “off the shelf”.

But stitching it all together to make something so slick took skill and work!  Nice job.

The video shows how this can be used for CAD, for sculpting.  As Jeremey Hsu comments, this might be an awesome game controller.

And, I’m sure, porn. (Add in some haptics for that.)

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