Cool Project from Robb Godshaw

Robb Godshaw has published this insane, but cool, DIY project at Instructables: Hamster Wheel Standing Desk.  The visuals are worth it, even if it doesn’t do anything useful!

Reminder:  Instructables publishes full plans and instructions so everyone can build one of these….

This project is a bit beyond my own skill level, but I’m sure I could get help and tools a my local Fab Lab and Makerspace (and you could find local DIY help).

What I’d like to do with something like this is to track activity (should be easy), and feed the activity to computer applications.

For instance, taking a cue from Mangocoins, we could connect the activity wheel to cryptocurrency such as Dogecoin mining, both incentivizing activity and increasing the positive karma of the coins.

I would also like to link people together.  For example, extra points for exercising at the same time, and maybe at the same pace.  Or exercising in relays: I go for a while, then you, then another teammate.  These ideas need a lot of work….

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