Vahz: Figure-Ground Perception Meets Personal Fabrication

A strange little 3D printing project from Desbiens Design Research, “fahz • It’s your face in a vase!

This is actually slightly clever, using facial profiles as the cross section for a 3D rotation to create a vase.  The result is a figure-ground effect, where at the right rotation the background has the silhouette of two faces.

Aside from the figure-ground ambiguity–so beloved by generations of psychology majors–this caught my attention because it adds another “let’s talk about me” application to the personal 3D printing arsenal.

To date, one of the most popular, if not the most popular, use of a 3D printer is to use kinnect to create a vanity bust of yourself.  (E.g., this.)  This fahz adds a second vanity project, though this one is a bit less self-centered.

Another interesting thing to notice is how difficult it is to make this work nicely, and how ugly the fahs is, except from the privileged angles.

Anyway, it’s kind of cool.

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