A Better Beehive

A cool idea from down under—Flow™, a new device for better harvesting honey from your beehives.

I’m no beekeeper, so I can’t personally testify to the value of this gadget, but it looks pretty useful to me. Certainly better for the bees.

Beekeeping slow moving activity (in many senses), and is sitting comfortably at a technological apex. It’s not broken, and doesn’t need to be “disrupted”. So I gather that such innovations are rare:  “Flow™ is the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852.” 

I can imagine automating this, with sensors and motors and robots. But, why would you want to?  Beekeeping is so much  a hands-on, person-insect mind-meld, the very paradigm of organic”.  I don’t think anyone is really looking to take the human out of the loop.

The Flow device isn’t in production yet, so let’s save up to get one in a few months.

Perhaps they will release the plans for a DIY version in a few years.

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