Robot Cat Toy

While we’re considering cats, let’s look at ‘robot cats’.

This is kind of a cute toy, though it’s not necessarily “realistic”. For one thing, it would be more realistic if the robot slept most of the time, and plays only every once in a while when she wants to (not when you want to).  And the vocalizations are idiotic.  Real cats do not sing.  And, by the way, they meow when they want to, perhaps in the middle of the night.

The stuff about pushing your hand at the cat’s face: a real cat reacts defensively with claws and teeth when you do this. I hope that children don’t learn that this is how to handle cats.

“Mom, why don’t Fluffy’s eyes change color?”

“Ouch. She bit me!”

The biggest puzzle is,  why you would make a kitty robot out of shiny, hard, plastic? Wouldn’t you want soft, strokable fur? And the “snuggle mode” would certainly be way, way, WAY cooler if there were tactile sensing.

I think I stick with the real thing, thanks.


Robot Wednesday

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