Shylight: Biomimetic Responsive Fixtures

Shylight” – I love the name – is an interesting and attractive lighting system from Studio Drift (NL).

This is not so much practical or necessary as it is fascinating and fun. The biomimetic design is kind of neat, and the folding behavior is neat and it would work fine without hanging from a “vine”.

The documentation suggests that it is controllable from a iPhone or iPad. If this API is open, then one could imagine lots of interesting interactive and responsive behaviors. Cool!

I’d be particularly interested in behavior that responds to light conditions and actions of the people. Also, these “shy” lights should respond to calm, soothing whispers, that call them to come out.

Even better, it would be cool to have a toolkit of actuators, rigs, and fixtures; so we can experiment and construct our own garden of responsive lamps.

While we’re at it, let’s mix in some robot air ships, swimming like fish or insects through the flower patch.  The solar rechargeable airships need to nestle near the lights to refuel…

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