“Rebirths of Tao” by Wesley Chu

Rebirths of Tao by Wesley Chu

 The book is Chu’s sequel to the earlier ‘Deaths’ and ‘Lives’ of Tao.

After Roen’s bold move, the war among the Quasing puppetmaters has grown more confused and extremely dangerous. Now that humans are aware of their presence, they are hunting all Quasings with the savagery only true humans can muster. The world is sunk in global warfare, and Roen and his family (Jill and sone Cameron) are underground and fighting with Prohus on two fronts, their Quasing enemies the Genjix and the human Interpol Extraterrestrial Task Force (IXTF). For Roen Tan, it is some of his happiest days, because he is reunited with his wife and child and fighting the good fight.

But happiness can’t last, and the family is soon swept up in violent and dangerous events, with the fate of human life on Earth in the balance. The Tans are separated by events and must fight desperately to survive and reunite. The action is fast and exciting, and I really didn’t know what would happen next.

This book is probably the best written of the three Taos (Chu is getting better at it). There is still plenty of combat and pseudo history, but the plotting is much better and there are many more believable characters and much better dialog.

The war isn’t over, so there may well be further sequels.

  1. Chu, Wesey, The Rebirths of Tao, New York, Angry Robot, 2015.

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