Introducing The “Inappropriate Touch Screen” Files

[Inappropriate Touch Screen” Files]

Over the past couple of years I have blogged about good and bad examples of computer and interface design.

One bee in my bonnet has been the current practice of “slapping on a touch screen”, and calling that a human interface.  Nowadays, this often takes the form of adding a cloud based mobile app as an interface.

Grr!  (Or should I say “Bzz”?)

Picking up a phrase from Tom Lakovic, I call these cases “Inappropriate Touch Screen”.

I have found this malady in a variety of products, which I have blogged about.  It’s getting to be time to get more organized about this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the “Inappropriate Touch Screen” Files.

This is an index of my notes on this topic, and links to my posts.  The files will be updated with more examples as I blog them.

[Go to Inappropriate Touch Screen” Files Now]


The smell of burning leather
as we hold each other tight
As our rivets rub together
flashing sparks into the night
At this moment of surrender darling
if you really care
Don’t touch me there

The Tubes, “Don’t Touch Me There” (1976)

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