At Least They Didn’t Put a Touch Screen on It

Rebelling against the “Inappropriate Touch Screen” mania, Oslo-based Skrekkøgle created the “analog activity tracker”, called “Emulsion”.

With a similar form factor to Apple Watch and all the other “wearables”, Emusion works on ancient analog principles (“oil and water don’t mix”), in a sort of 2D lava-lamp like display.

The joke is that moving around shakes the emulsion which presents a visible display. Different levels of activity and inactivity are indicated by the patters on the watch dial.

Kyle VanHemert gives a surprisingly positive review  of this basically non-functional design at “An Analog Activity Tracker Isn’t as Ridiculous as It Sounds”, he says.

Actually, it is even more ridiculous than it sounds, because measuring how mush you move one wrist is not exactly a general “activity” measure, even if the display was in any way useful.

On the other hand, at least Emulsion doesn’t have a touch screen, an associated phone app, or require network connectivity to a “cloud”.  It avoids the infamy of the “Inappropriate Touch Screen Files“.

But just because you don’t put a touch screen on it doesn’t mean it isn’t a stupid interface design.

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