Office Attire

Yet another product that solves a problem I not only don’t have, but can’t have: True Wetsuits.

Evidently, some people live near the ocean, and face the difficult challenge of sneaking off from work to get in some surfing. That must be a nice problem to have.

In addition to the almost certainly unwearable wetsuits designed to imitate salaryman attire, the line includes a waterproof cellphone holder and a gimmicky faux pen that sends a “I’ll be late” message to your contact list with a single click. At least it doesn’t have a touchscreen!

It’s a great joke, though I have to wonder what I would think of someone who showed up to a business meeting wearing such a get up (wet or dry). My psychological training and generally nasty mind has to boggle at wearing latex to the office.

I guess these are unisex, though most women would not consider them office clothes. Except maybe in Frisco.


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