Friedman on Apple Watch

Vanessa Friedman has a wonderful little piece in the NYT last week, “Why I’m Breaking Up With the Apple Watch”.

In a very public breakup, Friedman writes, “I wanted it to work. I wanted to fall in love, like so many of my friends.” But, after a couple of months, “I am breaking up with my Apple Watch. The relationship was, despite all expectations, not what I needed.

Aside from his (the Watch is certainly male in this story, right?) basic uselessness of thing  (“the busywork the watch’s apps can replace — handing over airline boarding passes, opening hotel room doors — seems less like an advance than a loss of control.”) She has learned that “I do not want to be defined by a talking point on my wrist.

Let me see.  He takes over your life, and people define you as an appendage of him.  This is not a healthy relationship!

I haven’t tried the watch myself (though I have mercilessly criticized such devices), so her first hand testimony is quite interesting to read. Gripes include:

  • Screen too small to be useful
  • Watch too large to be convenient (especially for women’s smaller wrists)
  • Talking to your wrist is no better and possibly worse than talking to a phone in your hand
  • The apps are useless, bordering on infantile (or patronizing?)
  • The fitness/quantified self space is psychologically questionable

And, of course, who wants people to be interested in your watch rather than you?

I guess we’re all still waiting for a wearable that is worth wearing.

As Friedman says, “The watch isn’t actually a fashion accessory for the tech-happy. It’s a tech accessory pretending to be a fashion accessory.




When you venture into the waters of “fashion”, you are entering snark infested waters!

By the way, like many exe’s, the Apple Watch doesn’t seem to even notice the break up, he’s hanging out with his nerdy friends and doin’ business.  So typical.  You’re better off  without that bum, Vanessa.






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