A Great Age of Making

As Evan Ackerman comments, Cliff Stoll’s basement Is way cooler than yours.

Aside from answering the questions, “whatever happened to Cliff Stoll?” (though actually, this video raises more questions than it answers), we are reminded that we are in the midst of the great age of makers. I mean, (a) who mass produces Kein bottles? and if you do, (b) where do you store your inventory?

Why in the crawlspace under your house, accessed by your hacked up robot forklift thing. Where else!

Giants walk among us!  We are not worthy!

I would note, though, that mass production and warehousing are obsolete twentieth century technologies.

Today we have Klein bottle production on demand and on site, via 3D printers.  You can find dozens of Klein bottles for sale at Shapeways or DIY at Thingiverse (and probably hundreds more from many sources).

These searches are actually really cool because they reveal an amazing array of imaginative concrete realizations of the basic concept.

What use to be a mathematical curiosity is now something that everyone can make.

More important, everyone can hack and remix and generally fiddle around with the Klein bottled idea.

Like I said: the Great Age of Making.

Q: “What is the purpose of making a Klein Bottle?”
A: “The purpose is to be awesome.”



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