Codedoodle: Creative Coding Sketches

Codedoodle: Creative coding sketches.

This caught my eye. Creative coding? Cool! (And source code is available!)

But what the heck is it?

From FLUUUID creative technology collective (“London based creative-tech collective striving to create playful and innovative interactive experiences converging art and technology.”)

They appear to be interested in digital art, specifically generative graphics that can be delivered via the Internet. OK, that’s one kind of code, and one kind of creativity.

Codedoodle has some good points.  They “keep things to web-tech only for now.” “The aim of these doodles is to exhibit interactive, engaging web experiments which only require a short attention span. No loading bars, no GUI, no 5MB 3D models or audio files, just plain and simple doodles with code.” Simple, available for most platforms under robust conditions. This I like.

The Codedoodle is a “curated” site, “we’re hoping to scale the content to a point where may be considered a definitive resource for visual web-based experiments of this nature.”

So what are do they have?  A lot of stuff!

Actually, many of the codedooles are awesome!

There are new ones all the time.

What is not immediately obvious to me is how they work. They say that the code is available, but this seems to refer to the code for the site, not necessarily the exhibits.

The sketches are magical, but they are hardly transparent tutorial examples.  There is no reason they would have to be readable, but I would learn a lot.

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