The Next Big Thing: Anti UAV Defenses

Inevitably, the technological florescence of UAVs of many types and sizes, appearing in everyday life, has led to resistance and a desire for some means to shield some space from the darn things. I mean, do I want my neighbors (let alone the kids down the street) hovercamming my back yard? And, as far as I’m concerned, any drone that might carry a weapon should be considered a potential threat. (That includes delivery drones.)

Neal Levitt reports that anti-drone defense systems are becoming big business.  Sigh.  I hate to see every town become a battle zone.  But they started it.

The simplest detection techniques listen for the characteristic whine of the motors, while more sophisticated systems might use visual or radar imagery to try to locate intruders. This isn’t a trivial problem, especially in cluttered and noisy urban environments. There are a lot of birds and bugs legitimately in the air, and possibly trash and smoke and whatnot.

Of course, other species tend to be more direct.

For example:  eagles don’t have to like drones, and don’t have to be nice about it.

Are we going to see a new upsurge in urban falconry? Every security contingent should have a brace of highly trained anti drone raptors, no?

Forget biomimetic robots, go for the real deal biological system.

Aside from the coolness of a job title like “falconer”, these birds have some distinct advantages.  In particular, they are very precise, unlike, say, a shotgun.  They deal with the drone and don’t harm anything else.


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