Distracted Bicycling Is Evil, Too

Yet another really bad ides: SENTH IN1: The first true AR cycling glasses.

I have complained about Google Glass many times, specifically calling out the known lethal dangers of distracted driving. (Eg., here and here and here)

Well, guess what? Operating a bicycle while using a heads up display is even more dangerous than operating a car. The only good thing is that a cyclist is less likely to wipe out a lot of other people, and much more likely to kill themselves.

Glancing at this product, we see that it cheerfully recreates all of the bad ideas already out there, and adds a few more. The heads up display overlays the real world (which may be better than peripheral display), but the pop ups are highly distracting—they are telling the rider about extraneous stuff, including social messages. Naturally, there is messaging, photography, and mobile telephony.

Sure, why not? In for a penny, in for a pound.

The product adds to the standard death-dealing display with a handy manual interface that takes your attention away from the road and also puts your hand to work that takes it away from operating the bike. You fiddle with your thumb (taking your hand from a full grip) to adjust the visual display (creating a hand-eye task that takes away from riding). A twofer!

I love one of their tag lines: “makes your cycling smart.” If you believe that, I have a bridge you might want to buy. (A smart bridge, of course.)

This product is crazy dangerous, and crazy stupid. While there is a certain Darwinian benefit—this will thin the stupider bicyclists from the gene pool—it should not even be legal. Expect lawsuits.

Terrible, terrible idea.

(By the way, this is far from the first such device, though I don’t think anyone has been insane enough to try to sell such a thing.)

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