Bot & Dolly: The Magic Of Projection Maps

In 2013 Bot & Dolly presented the cool installation called Box, which features projection mapped graphics on moving surfaces. Specifically, the surfaces are 4 x 8 foot canvases moved by industrial robot arms.

Wow! What a cool thing!

It combines several of my favorite things, projection mapping, 3D optical illusions, and robots; into a fine piece of “technological art”.

I frequently remind people that today’s fixation with screens, including tiny, nearly useless screens, is a temporary phase. Soon, very soon, we will be working with projections, which will be anywhere and everywhere in our environment.

Have a gander at Box, and you’ll see what can be done even today.

Box is not just a demo, it is a marvelous and magical experience (even on video). This is not a coincidence, and “magic” is absolutely the right word: Abdel-Gawd and Munkowitz tell us that the effects were based on five of the ten principles of magical illusions.

Awesome! If you want to design delightful human scale visual, motion, and auditory experience, work with magicians!

It was also interesting to hear that to make the video of this visual effect they also used a robot camera programmed to simulate a human walking around looking at the effects. You could have faked that, or made any kind of camera tracks you wanted, but to really portray the human experience of this environment you want the camera to use a moving human point of view.

Great piece.

Now let’s try it with drones.



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