Serious Wearables: Wove Band

Some buzz this week about the flexible electronics “Wove Band” from Polyera.  I haven’t see one in person, but it looks quite impressive. A few quick notes today, pending deeper investigations.

The Wove Band itself is actually a demonstration piece to show what you can build with the Polyera (and similar) technology. They basically put together the components that smart-watch-like devices contain (CPU, memory, Bluetooth, small display), in a flexible, fabric-like band. It will run some version of Android (“Real Soon Now”).

It’s early days, and it’s not really clear what to do with the technology. My own view is that replicating the features of a phone or watch device is not particularly important. I’m more impressed by the possibilities hinted at by the companies images and comments about enabling “people to make, share, and wear their media.”

The Polyera web site indicates that they have a broad and comprehensive approach, including software and interface design.  This gives me some confidence that they know what they are doing, and will go far beyond this first, rather limited product.

From: Polyera

Definitely something worth looking into.

Let’s incorporate this technology features into (fashionable) clothing, clothing which communicates with people around us in new ways. Put my heart on my sleeve—literally! You can tell that I am paying attention to you because my shirt is synching up with your shirt.

For that matter, why not incorporate a network of motion sensors all over my outfit, so my clothing can do mo-cap. Then I can start to achieve “dancible” interfaces to everything. Not to mention interesting two- and more person whole body games.

The company has a prototype access program, which looks pretty cool.


One thought on “Serious Wearables: Wove Band”

  1. Very cool. They are probably not the only bunch working in this direction. My dream is of a motion capture suit that covers the entire body, as you wrote about. Also a fabric with heating and evaporative elements that can adjust to make you comfortable in any weather!


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