“Step Into The Page”

Veteran animator Glen Keane has a nice little video on how Virtual Reality lets him at long last “Step into the page”.

Keane tells us that the characters he draws and brings to life (“animates”!) are very real to him, 3D creatures that he renders from his imagination.

With the 3D Virtual Reality, he can draw them in 3D, life size—just as he imagines them. As he says, drawing (and sculpture) becomes much more like dancing.

When I talk about “walk-in interfaces”, this is exactly the kind of thing I’m taking about!

I would note that the technology he uses here is still crude. Soon he won’t need the goggles or wands (unless he just likes using them). He’ll be about to use any part of his body, and the images will be projected to any location.

I think this is wonderful glimpse at what all interfaces will be like in the near future.

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