“What is Coworking?” It Can Be Musical

In the world of coworking spaces, there is one overriding imperative: a coworking space is inhabited by and serves a community of coworkers.

Beyond that, almost anything goes. Shiny chrome or repurposed mill; global chain or family kitchen; Manhattan or Grand Canary Island. Coworking spaces can succeed in lots of ways.

Cohere Coworking in Fort Collins, CO, added in June a new “amenity” to serve part of its community: Cohere Bandwidth.  “Cowork space for musicians”.

This is a shared practice space for musicians—not really a new idea—allied with the coworking space. The coworking connection appears to offer non-musical resources and expertise to the artists, as well as membership a community of coworkers.

Of course, musicians have scrambled for rehearsal space forever, and have often been part of a local community of musicians and techies. These connections have led to musical conversations and creative collaborations. In fact, pioneers of coworking probably drew on such community experiences in the conception of coworking spaces for any type of work.

In other words, we know that the practice space will work. But is this “coworking”, and what does the coworking model potentially offer? And how will this combine with the general coworking population?

The hope is to also create some crossover between the “regular” coworking community and the rehearsal space community, so in-house education can be expanded to include broader topics and cross-community perspectives,said Cohere’s “community connector”, Julie Sutter.

It is an open question what the results of this experiment might be. The musical space is highly specialized and literally sealed off (for sound isolation). Will the musicians and the other coworkers hang out together? What will they talk about? Inquiring minds want to know.


What is Coworking?

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