Tax Evader Google Exploits Refugee Crisis

It pains me to comment on the tense and tragic refugee crisis in Europe—I try not to make a bad situation worse. (And don’t get me started on the deeply immoral and Unamerican US migration policy.)

Unfortunately, Google, which scoffs as paying taxes to public authorities who are dealing with the refugee crisis in Europe, has added insult to injury with a pubic relations campaign called “Project Reconnect”.

Instead of providing badly needed money, food, shelter, and everything else, Google is providing cheap web books (“Managed Chromebooks”).


The donors “believe that access to Internet resources is key to connecting refugees to their new communities.” (Actually, they need safety and homes and some say to make a living.)

By the way, the price tag for these devices is about one minute of Google’s income, and a tiny fragment of the taxes they have avoided in the affected countries.

Google is Evil.


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