Calore on the “Ultimate Workspace”

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my home workspace, so I was interested to read Michael Calore’s article at, “What You Need to Set Up the Ultimate Workspace.” OK, I’ll bite.

First of all, he apparently didn’t get the memo that “the office is dead”, we’re all nomads now, living in coworking spaces. And he kind of skips the step where you inquire about what kind of work is being done, which would seem relevant. But anyway, let’s see what he things you should add to create “a space that works as hard as you do.”

What he gives us is actually just a shopping list for new products that honestly, are terrible ideas for an actual workspace.

  1. Beats Pill+ (from Apple) – very expensive Bluetooth speaker (we already have sound systems, no?)
  2. Microsoft Surface Book – actually a nice product because it isn’t for your office, its for anywhere.
  3. Artifox Desk 01 – Actually kind of cool, if really expensive. All the features could be replicated piecemeal. I think I would want to look at one and then recreate it myself. (We are all Makers now).
  4. Colorplay Hourglass – a big 15-minute hour glass. Use it to give “your minion a visual cue of how quickly they should get to the point.
  5. CB2 Cement Pencil Cup – It’s a pencil cup for goodness sake. I can replicate the features with, well, any mug from the kitchen.

And that’s it.

The desk is kind of nice, but easy enough to recreate. There are many reasons one might want to get a Microsoft Surface, but it’s not because it is “Redmond’s vision of the future of computing”.

The Apple Pill seems like a rather costly replacement for something we already have. And the Pencil Cup is, well, just dumb.

Finally, speaking as a minion (or customer), I have to say that anyone who actually pulled a stunt like flipping a 15-minute hour glass at the beginning of a one-on-one conversation would lose my business ‘toot sweet’. What a jagoff!

This is the exact opposite of how to actually do good meetings– you are not actually listening to people.

The good news is that, except for the completely justified Microsoft Surface, this desk does not have Inappropriate Touch Screens. Indeed the Artifox Desk he mentions actually has a whiteboard/chalkboard built in, instead of a touch screen. Nice! (But easy enough to replicate.)

This is yet another stupid listicle. You can do better than this, Wired.

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