“Guard from Above” Beats Me To Market

You knew I was going to comment on this one, didn’t you? After all, I already suggested this idea in August, and again last month.

From the Netherlands:  “Guard From Above is the first company in the world to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.

They use EAGLES, fer cryin’ out loud! How cool is that!

Evan Ackerman points out that we should be worried about the welfare of the birds, which could be endangered by larger drones, as well as countermeasures drones might deploy.

These are tough birds, of course, but they should be deployed only to protect human and animals from dangerous drones. We don’t want them hurt, but risky situations may warrant risks to the birds and their handlers.

And, as I have said earlier, this is potentially a lot safer for everybody that possible alternatives (such as gunfire).


I have to mention that in my “book of secret plans” (which is secret, shh!), I have a page sketching the idea of a security company that rents out teams of trained Raptors + handlers as close drone defense. Every millionaire will want some of these in his or her entourage!

I imagine the “Tactical Falcon Corps” (nickname: “The Talons”, War cry: “Kreeg-Aww!”) as accoutered in Renaissance-y puffy shirts, robin hoof feathered caps, etc. (Radios, body cams, Kelvar jerkins, etc.)


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