Review: Two Ebooks on Coworking and The Future of Work.

Dude, Where’s My Drone: The future of work and what you can do to prepare for it by Liquid Talent

The Serendipity Machine: A Disruptive Business Model for Society 3.0, by Sebastian Olma

These two ebooks announce the “future of work”, which they believe is digital nomads coworking together—describing two companies that have designed businesses that employ digital technology to make this future work even better.

Coworking is an important part of this future, perhaps a coworking space is “where the future of work happens”. I dunno.

There is plenty of evidence that coworking makes people happy (E.g., Mehdu, Kane, Marshall, Spreitzer et al.), and it is often thought to improve productivity and creativity. I would say the case has yet to be made on the latter point.

These two important books make the case for the benefits of coworking forcefully and in some detail, and also tell us some of the rationale in the “design” of two important coworking chains, WeWork and Seats2Meet.

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What is Coworking?

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