Simone Giertz: Still At Large

“Simone Giertz” (an obvious alias) is an evil genius lurking in her secret laboratory down at the docks; constructing infernal robotic devices, issuing YouTube communiqués and generally menacing civilization.

It is shocking that she is still at large! When will the authorities bring her to heel?

I think noted an earlier project which involved a mechatronic alarm clock/torture device.

She’s still at it, most recently developing a kitchen appliance that even she considers “terrifying”.  Seriously:  Don’t. Try. This. At. Home.

I have no idea what she thinks she’s doing. I assume she seeks World Domination, but she doesn’t seem to make any nefarious demands.  I really don’t know if I want her moving in next door, but I like her!  (She probably uses some sort of Internet Mind Ray to control my thoughts.)

If nothing else, SG is demonstrating that, just as the Internet let’s all of us be (very bad) newcasters, the Great Age of Making has lowered the bar, making it possible for pretty much anyone can be a (very bad) Mad Scientist.

I will note with some approval that none of SG’s inventions use mobile phones or touch screens at all, “appropriate” or not.  This goes to show you that “analog” controls are almost as easy to design as yet another touch screen.  Yet, they can be just as, well, “inappropriate” doesn’t even begin to describe these UIs.



Wednesday Robotics (?)

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