Robot Chairs: Problem Solved!

As Evan Ackerman commented, “Nissan: solving all kinds of problems that didn’t exist until they were very expensively and time consumingly solved.”

This is an interesting, if not really useful application of the technology underlying self-parking cars. The latter is probably useful, the former is, well, pretty dumb

But—it’s certainly a clever technical feat.

It looks like driving your automated chair around the room looks like a great time-waster to mitigate all those meetings.

The Nissan video was associate with another video that seems to be solving a problem that most of us didn’t know was a problem. At least the Kitty Bump is a low tech solution…

Of course, the Japanese aren’t insanely wrapped up in cats at all.  (If the English think you are barmy about cats, that’s really, really barmy.)


Robot Wednesday

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