Claire Marshall Walks The Walk in 2016

Friend of the blog, Sensei Claire Marshall is at it again!

We already had her down as someone to watch in 2016, because last year she did an experiment (performance art work?), living for a month solely in London in “the sharing economy”.  This led to an ebook based on that experience and her research.

“One month is nothing,” she thinks to herself. “ Let’s try for a whole year!”

it seems that another experiment is in order and this time I am not so interested in if can you survive in the sharing economy but rather can you thrive?”

 You go, girl! She’s “Walking the Walk”, all the way.

Last year, she blogged pretty much every day, so I hope we will get periodic updates. I look forward to following this experiment/adventure/performance as it goes forward. Her initial posts indicate she is applying what she learned in the first experiment to try to budget realistically and meet her expenses. We’ll see what else we learn.

I don’t have any idea exactly what will happen, but I think it will be successful because Sense Marshall is following the key finding from her first experiment:

I’m excited about the journey ahead because, whether the experiment is a success or a failure, I know that sharing makes me happy.

My own view is that Marshall  has her head screwed on the right way. How can this not be the right idea?


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