Giertz Watch: Internet Mind Control Technology

International Mad Scientist “Simone Giertz” issued another communiqué this week from her secret la-boor-atory. This mysterious and alarming message contained no demands nor explicit threats. It does, however, apparently portray a hideous human cyborg.

The severed head of a hapless captive has been grafted on to a robot to do her nefarious bidding. This poor tormented soul is forced to “reddit” 24 hours a day, with no respite. What could he (and we can be sure the victim is male) have done to deserve such a hidieous torture?

This ghastly mechanism is said to “help her argue on the internet”. In previous reports, I speculated that SG appears to possess extremely powerful “Internet Mind Control” technology. This latest video is our first confirmation of this technology, and it is even more terrifying that we imagined.

What, oh what, can stop this mad woman?


 Robot Wednesday

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