Book Review: “The Clown Service” by Guy Adams

The Clown Service by Guy Adams

As we have learned from Bob Howard’s account of The Laundry, Britain is awash in supernatural perils, as well as very secret branches of the government to deal with them. Protagonist Toby Greene is not doing well in Her Majesty’s secret service messed up and messing up. Reassigned to Section 37,  whose remit is everything weird and supernatural, his career might as well be over as it is just starting.

“If we are the Circus, then Section 37 is the Clown Section,” he is told.

Inevitably, the small crew of eccentrics is thrown into a crazy horror show, totally out of control. “Believe six impossible things before breakfast” does not begin to touch the weirdness.

I didn’t follow all of it, and I don’t think it actually is followable. There is so much bending of probability, time, space, and alternate dimensions that I’m not real sure where we came out. I’m pretty sure whatever it is, its not over.

Adams has done a nice job, fast paced and witty. It’s not as deeply funny as Stross (but what is), but a good read.


  1. Guy Adams, The Clown Service, St. Ives, Random House, 2014.


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