Book Review: “Save Room For Pie” by Roy Blount, Jr.

Save Room For Pie by Roy Blount, Jr.

The latest collection from beloved elder wordsmith, Roy Blount, Jr. Like most of us, I know Blount from his unmistakable and unforgettable voice on the radio. If ever there were a case for radio as a distinct medium and art form, Blount is one of the prime exhibits.

‘Save Room’ is food-themed which, if you have heard or read Blount, doesn’t really narrow things down. Food permeates his words, because food permeates human life.

In my opinion, Blount is without a doubt one of the finest writers in the English language today (at lest for certain, Southern US values of “English”.)

Here he offers dozens of poems and songs about food, and many short anecdotes. These stories date back decades, up to last year. With Blount’s timeless subject matter and style, it’s really difficult to tell old stories from new ones, or from recollections of old times. What I’m saying is, don’t worry about it, just enjoy.

I learned more than I need to know about bass fishing, and many of the specific eateries are far from anywhere I’m likely to ever visit.  But I was happy to read his personal testimony that his adopted city of  New Orleans is recovering, with wonderful new places to eat and a better life for the wonderful people who lost everything.

In any case, how can I resist his smooth, fine words, hearing his radio voice all the time.

“Nuff Said.  Get it and enjoy it.  (I don’t do audio books, but it ocurs to me that in this cases I bet the audio book would be very much worth hearing!.)

  1.  Roy Blount, Jr., Save Room For Pie: Food Songs and Chewey Ruminations, New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016.


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