Well Done, Solar Impulse 2!

As a proud member of the American Solar Energy Society (for some three decades), I am thrilled to cheer for the Solar Impulse 2 arriving in Spain after a crossing the Atlantic. Earlier this year they completed a crossing of the Pacific, after transiting Asia and an unplanned halt for repairs in Hawaii.

Solar Impulse 2 flies over San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. (Credit: Solar Impulse)

In its stately circumnavigation of the Earth powered solely by solar energy, this aircraft has broken records and demonstrated that solar power is finally “flight ready”.

Only a few more weeks should see the round-the-world completed!

Frankly, this aircraft is far, far more interesting to me that all those quadcopters out there.

Like most solar enthusiasts, I envisioned such an aircraft from the moment I saw my first solar powered calculator. But flying is a merciless business governed by weight and power, ruggedness and reliability.  It wasn’t really feasible then.  But it is now!

I know that Solar Impulse 2 represents both great engineering and the ultimate confidence to get in the vehicle and fly across the Atlantic.

Well done, and Hurrah!

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