Evolving Soft Robots


Francesco Corucci and colleagues at have published interesting work on biomimetic robots [1]. They are exploring soft, squishy artificial lifeforms, using artificial evolution.

Their paper [1] explains the technique, which evolves blobby, wiggly swimmers in a simulation of a watery world. This relatively simple process results in a variety of interesting and remarkably capable artificial organisms.

This is really cool! Artificial evolution is full on biomimetic design, not just emulating nature, but emulating the way that nature “designs” organisms.

Corucci is at The BioRobotics Institute in Pisa, which is one of the real hotbeds of biomimetic robotics, especially for aquatic environment.

  1. Francesco Corucci, Nick Cheney, Hod Lipson, C. Laschi, and Josh Bongard, Evolving swimming soft-bodied creatures, in ALIFE XV, The Fifteenth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems. 2016: Cancun. http://sssa.bioroboticsinstitute.it/sites/default/files/user_docs/2016_ALIFE_LateBreaking_SWIMMING.pdf


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