Book Review: “The Path” by Drew Magary

The Path by Drew Magary

This novel baffled me. Blurbs on the cover liken it to a video game, and I can certainly see that: lot’s of stuff happens, but there isn’t much point.

The story involves a not particularly happy man on a drab business trip, who, without warning, is thrust into a dream like nightmare of supernatural menace. He accidently starts down a path that turns into “The Path” that he must stay on or else “die”. On the path he is assailed by one darn thing after another, each more bizarre and irrational than the next. Logic is out the window, and there is no clear purpose to any of it. Just suffering and horror, made worse by his apparent immortality.

Is this Hell? Is he be punished or taught a lesson? We can’t tell.

Honestly, why would we want to read about this? It’s awful.

The main attractions are the mystery (What is going on? Who is this man?) and the whimsy of the imaginative events, which leap from absurdity to absurdity. I kept reading to see what happens next and maybe decipher the motives or plot or something.

After everything, the ending is ambiguous, and I still don’t understand.

I gave it a chance, and got nothing.


If you have something else, anything else, to do with your time, then I’d recommend you skip this story.

  1. Drew Magary, The Path, New York, Viking, 2016.


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