Eagles v. Drones

In the continuing story of avian drone defenses, the Dutch police continue to lead the field of Eagle-based drone sweeping, with the company “Guard from Above”.

Obviously, this is a cool idea (or I wouldn’t have invented it myself), but I have to worry about the welfare of the gallant avian protectors. Drones are getting bigger and tougher, and could well be armed with anti-raptor defenses. One good thing about avian defenses compared to other weapons is that the birds are likely to recognize a situation they can’t handle, and break off contact.

I also see that these birds may be tough stuff against basically harmless consumer drones, but they are going to be less effective against malicious aircraft which may deliberately attack the birds, and may also have evasive and defensive measures. (The simplest measure would be a swarm of drones that could overwhelm the efforts of any single Eagle.)

Countering these skeptical thoughts, the Eagles look great, and offer a romantic appeal to the grim business they are part of. I also hope that the human team members get cool dress uniforms (feathered caps are mandatory, I think).


Robot Wednesday

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