1K Days In A Row!

Today marks a major milestone for this blog:

I have posted every single day for 1,000 days in a row.

Not every post was great, and I expect that only a few people even looked at most of them.

But at least I have been consistent. 🙂

Highlights (?)

I have posted short reviews of over 250 books [Tag], as well as comments on technical and scientific articles (with links to the primary sources, which I actually looked up and at least skimmed.)

I have posted dozens of comments about cryptocurrency, blockchains, and the anthropological follies around these technologies. [TAG, TAG]

I also have posted a number of items on the theme “What is Coworking?” [TAG] These posts have formed the seeds for an upcoming ebook of the same title, in preparation now. Stay tuned for more on that.

I also commented on design, including the Inappropriate Touch Screen Files [TAG], species appropriate interfaces [TAG], and bioinspired design [TAG], robots [TAG ], dinosaurs, Augmented Reality [TAG], and other things have appeared.

I have also discussed “The New Way of Work” [TAG], with my own specific perspective:  you can’t talk about “the new way of work” without talking about the welfare of workers.

I also met a few people out there in net-land, which is neat.

Anyway, thanks to any readers who may be out there.

Things I Have Learned

This exercise has been very good discipline for me, if only because I have had to learn how to efficiently write 100 words or so about something, right now.  (As I approached this milestone, the pressure has been intense to not trip up and ruin the streak.  It’s a relief to make the 1K mark–if I miss a day, I won’t feel so bad.)

With regular posts, daily hits increased from less than about 15 per day to more than 35 per day (average).   (Note: I have incomplete information about traffic, what I see may be an underestimate.)

I know these numbers would be much higher if I gave in and cross posted to facebook, twitter, and the other Dark Forces of the Internet. I know this is true because, on occasion, someone else posted a pointer to a item to facebook or whatever, which generated a spike in hits to my blog.

The highest one-day traffic was a post that was (a) about music and (b) cross posted to relevant fan page on face book. This generated at 100 hits in a day.

By the way, I have definitely seen a long tail effect, with older items still collecting a few hits steadily. For example, one post from 2013 about “big data”, has got a hit or two almost every day for years, totaling a bit under 4,000 hits.

Finally, I actually received a “Colbert Bump”: ten months after posting a review of Brother Jaron’s book, he was on the Colbert Report (plugging the paperback release). My blog got a bunch of hits after that show aired.

So – thanks again to readers out there, and stay tuned if you like it.


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