The Just Things Foundation Wants to Make Responsible IoT

Last year I endorsed and signed on to the IOT Manifesto, which calls for and aims to articulate “Guidelines for responsible design in a connected world”.

This effort has now spawned the Just Things Foundation (which is an exquisite pun in English), which “builds on these principles and aims to transform them into actionable standards for a broader audience to work with.

They also dream of “tools for professionals”, and I am very curious to know what they mean by that.

JustThings will be presenting an exhibition at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven this week, they call, “An Internet of Things We Can Be Proud of”.  As the poster says, “Why does my refridgerator need to know my birthday?

I will be interested to see more about this exihibition.

By coincidence, this week saw an appalling cyber attack which is reported to exploit major design flaws in some of the current generation of IoT devices. Absolutely no one is surprised by this event, nor at the irresponsibility of the companies that sold these awful things that are now crippling our DNS. Thanks, a lot, guys.

This incident is a clear reminder of how much we need better design, much, much better design of IoT devices.

I stand with Just Things, and I urge everyone to support their efforts.

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