More From Claire Marshall on Sharing Economy

Sensei Claire Marshall spoke last month in Sydney, updating her studies of “The Sharing Economy”.

As I have said before, I admire the way Sensei Claire is truly walking the walk.  She really has her head screwed on right, IMO.

If you want the headline, she expounds what I might be called “The Marshall Principle”:

Sharing makes people happy.

which isn’t necessarily novel, but is absolutely critical to understanding “the sharing economy”, and a key to a happy life.

In her book and other writings, and in her talk, she also makes three clear eyed observations about “the sharing economy”:

  • It is easy to make money sharing your stuff
  • It is hard to make money sharing your time
  • Things change when money isn’t involved

The third point is a very acute observation, and one which comes from her first hand experiments.  (The first two are easy to predict, the third was only apparent when she actually tried it out, first hand.  Brava.)

Marshall also wrote a trenchant critique, “How the Gig Economy is like a bad boyfriend”, which I loved and think is right on target.

Her October talk refers to some current work, including “the sharing game” and a book about technological topics. I definitely look forward to learning more about these.

Anyway, check out the video:

and her web and facebook.

  1. Claire Marshall,  How to Make Money (and a whole lot more) by Sharing. 2015.
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  3. Claire Marshall  (2016) Why The Gig Economy Is Like A Bad Boyfriend. Huffington Post (Austrailia),


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