NYT Visits David Foster Wallace’s Turf

This week Lynn Freehill-Maye writes in the NYT about a visit to central Illinois to visit the early homes of late writer David Foster Wallace.

She recounts how Wallace grew up in Urbana, Illinois in the 1970s, hanging out. Details include tennis at Blair Park, playing pool at the Illini Union, and so on.

I was there at those precise times and places, so I can tell you she got that part dead right.

(No, I don’t recall ever meeting Wallace, but my memories of the period are imperfect. We probably crossed paths in our wasted youths.)

I have to say that the “if you go” suggestions are OK, but not great.  Ping me if you want some better recommendations for visiting, and I can give you the 25 cent tour of places DFW knew very well.

(The article appeared first on line, and is slated to appear in the Sunday print edition.)

  1. Lynn Freehill-Maye, David Foster Wallace’s Peaceful Prairie Footsteps in New York Times. 2016: New York. p. TR1. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/29/travel/central-illinois-prairies-david-foster-wallace-literary.html

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