Twenty Meter Balloon Robot Arm!

Speaking of lighter than air robots, why not go bigger.  REally big!

From Suzumori Endo Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a 20 meter long inflatable robot arm!

It can be shipped in a small crate, deploying on site to its full magnificence. At 1.2 kg, it is easy to move and won’t hurt you if it falls over. It’s also buoyant, so it won’t sink if it falls into water (e.g., for ship to ship grappling).

OK, it’s vulnerable in high wind, and you may have problems with blowouts. And in this form it’s pretty light weight, delivering a camera and maybe a rescue line.

But wait…

I could imagine adding additional lifting , e.g., use this to tether and guide a blimp on the end that carries a heavier payload. Like say, with a large enough “personal blimp” on the end, this could be an inflatable manlift.



Robot Wednesday

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