Aéroplume– twentifirst century steampunk

I saw this on TV – it’s really cool! Aéroplume is a personal airship, powered by human flippers—it’s something out of Jules Verne, so Steampunk!

 “[The] pilot’s stance is that of our dreams, lying flat, arms wide open with the head forward.

What is the purpose of Aeroplume?

It’s purpose is to be awesome!

Actually, there is a fleet of them, in different sizes for different weight classes (“the Nino for children up to 40 kg, the Ciccio for pilots up to 65 kg, the Wanda up to 80 kg, the Bornéo up to 85 kg and Lutz up to 90 kg”).

They operate as a sort of traveling carnival ride.  That’s right, you can fly one!

File under: I want one!

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