What is Coworking? “Female Friendly” list from “Women Digital Nomads”?

The Women Digital Nomads site is aimed for female nomads, offering information (and merchandise) “to help you stay safe on the road while living the lifestyle of your dreams”.

This month WDN published a somewhat heroic list of “Coolest Co-working Space In Each State” for the US. Given that there are thousands of coworking spaces in most major cities, I was curious to see what “the coolest” would be.

It isn’t really clear what methodology was used to compile this list. Did they visit in person? How did they decide which few to visit?

In any case, the survey clearly focuses mainly on the physical space, i.e., with little consideration of the community:

The criteria for “coolest” was based on the interior decor, facilities and/or atmosphere of each space. The selected spaces are well designed and would wow any visitor.

They selected: “beautifully designed spaces and ergonomic furniture, community events and inspiring work spaces”  and also note with favor that “many spaces that are making a difference in their communities by supporting local entrepreneurs”.

But, as I said, not much consideration of the leadership, community spirit, or non-nomadic workers.

As far as the specific recommendations, I have to say that it takes a bit of nerve to make such a list. Boiling things down to only one space per state is bound to be controversial!

I certainly have to question their pick of WeWork in Chicago as the “coolest” in the whole state of Illinois. Many of us wouldn’t be caught dead in a giant, soulless space like that…. But then I’m not a Woman, or a Digital Nomad, and I am certainly not going to travel to Chicago in search of “cool” temporary work space.

The thing that I really would most like to know is what WDN considers to make a coworking space “female friendly”. We assume that these spaces are “coolest” for women, but it’s not clear what that means, and I’d really like to know so I can help make all coworking cooler for women.

But, I don’t want to bash this list unduly. Coworking spaces are diverse, and coworkers are diverse. Tastes differ, and some information is better than no information.

So I’m glad to have this list.

And I would love to know what makes coworking female friendly.

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What is Coworking?

Please stay tuned for my new ebook, “What is Coworking”, coming early in 2017.

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