Book Review: “Valley of the Gods” by Alexandra Wolfe

Valley of the Gods by Alexandra Wolfe

Alexandra Wolfe’s new book joins the growing collection of “silicon valley stories”, including Chaos Monkeys, Hatching Twitter, Dogfight, and Year Without Pants. Wolfe documents the supercharged environment of Silicon Valley, a place where the kids are definitely in charge, and someone gave them billions of dollars to play with.

Throughout the book, Wolfe covers the progress of several of the youngsters who won Thiel Foundation Fellowships, following them through their year.

Wolfe’s coverage of the Thiel kids is extremely interesting, not at all matching up the romantic vision of this program.

Wolfe also gives us first hand fly-on-the-wall insight into a variety of goings on in SV, hanging out in group residences, attending to parties, workshops, and various peculiar and indescribable hybrid events. She also interviewed many notables and not-so-notables of the Valley, and offers more observations than I really need about food and fashion.

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  1. Alexandra Wolfe, Valley of the Gods: A Silicon Valley Story, New York, Simon & Schuster, 2017.

Sunday Wednesday Book Review


Readers of this blog know that I routinely post book reviews on Sunday.

This week I will post additional book reviews, one per day.  These posts are somewhat longer and more detailed than my usual short note.

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