Book Review: “Luna: Wolf Moon” by Ian McDonald

Luna: Wolf Moon by Ian McDonald

Wolf Moon is a sequel to the earlier Luna: New Moon. MacDonald’s stories are consistently great, and full of wonder, and this one is no exception.

The Guardian’s reviewer hit it on the nose, calling this “A Game of Moons”. Like GOT, this story is a fierce and violent power struggle among the “Dragons”, the major corporate powers on the Moon in the 2160s.

At the end of Luna : New Moon, the Cortas were overthrown, and this story takes up what happens next to the scattered remnants of the vanquished, and the other feuding clans. It isn’t pretty. Strike and counter strike. Death and destruction. Betrayal.

Worse, at long last the powers on Earth want to take control of the Lunar colony. Nothing good can be expected from this political development.

(The “Wolf Moon” is a reference to the full moon in January in Northern climates, which is a bleak and dangerous time, with hungry packs of wolves on the prowl.)

McDonald gives us more views of the complex and fascinating cultures on the moon.  These societies on the moon seem to take every idea ever imagined on Earth, and implemented it.  It is  far beyond “diversity”, to the edge of our imagination. Some of it is cool, and some of it is just, “whoa!”

But regardless of the strangeness of the culture, the story is full of love, courage, heroism, and compassion.

This story is far from finished, so we  all await the next installment.

Get it. Read it. McDonald is not to be missed.

  1. Ian McDonald, Luna: Wolf Moon, New York, TOR, 2017.


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