Tensegrity Robot Can Climb Better Than I Can



Count me in!

NASA has been exploring tensegrity robots for a number of years.

Light and rugged, capable of being packed in a tiny space, these are perfect for transporting to another planet, and dropping from orbit.

The locomotion is more than a little magical!  It’s amazing to see them move along, with a weird falling/thrashing combination of just right moves

This week, the UC Berkeley BEST lab released a video of one of their tensegrity robots climbing a ramp. Awesome!

This is in Earth gravity, so how does it manage to climb at all?

I can’t walk up a 24 degree ramp very easily, and I’m a biped with good shoes. So how does a bunch of sticks and rubber bands manage?


Note to self: Just how does this locomotion work? Dig into the simulation code.


Robot Wednesday

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