Book Review: “The Wrong Dead Guy” by Richard Kadrey

The Wrong Dead Guy by Richard Kadrey

The Wrong Dead Guy is a sequel to The Everything Box, which I liked. The latest story is even better, in my view.

At the end of TEB, Coop was shanghaied into the US government Department of Peculiar Science and reunited with his old sweetie Giselle (who works for DPS).

When a run down museum brings a sort of famous mummy to town, professional thief Coop is called upon to extract it for DPS. It seems simple enough, but things don’t go as planned, and Coop is cursed by the mummy.

Events ensue, many of them magical and/or bureaucratic.

Kadrey revels in clever banter and goofy images of supernatural LA. We like Coop, Giselle, and their posse of friends. Along the way we meet quite a few other interesting characters, including crooks, various government experts, museum staff, used car dealer, fortune teller, a hapless band of animal rights guerillas who are determined to “friendmancipate” oppressed animals, or I should say “beings”.

Coop and company have to overcome the rogue mummy who, of course,  is out to resurrect his old love, raise an army of the dead, and take over the world. Coop also has to deal with treacherous enemies and the auditors within the department, and the general randomness of life in LA.

The good news is that things seem really great at home with Giselle, which we are all happy to see.

As I suggested before, this is one of the contemporary flourish of supernatural noir fantasy, much of which is set in California. (The book jacket features endorsements by Christopher Moore, which is fine company to keep.) Kadrey is certainly good at likable (if weird) characters and snappy dialog.

‘Nuf said

It’s good.

  1. Richard Kadrey, The Wrong Dead Guy, New York, HarperCollins, 2017.


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