Chicago Blockchain Center Opens

In cryptocurrency land, amid the continuing news for flash crashes, criminal cases, and inaction on crucial technical issues, Coindesk reports that, “New Chicago Blockchain Center Launches With Government Backing”.

This sounds interesting. I wish I could find out more about it.

As with much of Illinois and Chicago government, the CBC is far from transparent. What is it for?

The announcement and launch are heavy on promotion and light on substance. It looks like there are major financial firms (including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and VCs. hanging out with tech startups. So, a business incubator focused on blockchain technology.

The “government backing” appears to be moonlighting by Jennifer O’Rourke, the State of Illinois’ “blockchain business liaison”, which I didn’t know we had. What else is involved in the “partnership” isn’t clear. The state and city governments are said to be looking at blockchain applications for public business, as well as trying to grok regulatory issues.

This center seems mostly harmless, though one wonders where the public money is coming from and what the state hopes to gain.

And, by the way, I notice that there is no academic participation at all in this partnership. There are quite a few world-class researchers at Illinois universities who would love to participate in such a center. It’s a shame to be missing out on this opportunity. (Call me.)

  1. Michael del Castillo, New Chicago Blockchain Center Launches With Government Backing Coindesk.June 8 2017,


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