Book Review: “Rich People Problems” by Kevin Kwan

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

Singaporean ex-pat Kwan continues his tale of the globe hopping ultra-rich of Singapore, following the events in China Rich Girlfriend.

I’m not a great fan of soap operas or fashion porn, but I can’t resist his Singapore-Hong Kong-Shanghai setting, and the loving portrayal of Singapore and its foods.

This story recounts the turmoil around the last days of the great mother of the clan, which brings the whole family together—with predictable conflict. It’s great fun to read as conspiracies and even fists fly around the will and who will get the grand old house and all the Stuff.

As always, Kwan drools (indeed, slobbers) over the luxury goods and extravagant life styles of these insanely wealthy people. (They are, as his earlier title says, not just rich, they are China Rich.) But that’s all part of the fun, even though I have not the remotest clue about (nor interest in) all this stuff.

He also drools over Singaporean foods from his youth, and recalls the fast disappearing good old days of this thriving and crowded island.

I’m sure this book isn’t that different from many other fantasies about the ultra rich. It’s basically “Dallas” set in Singapore (not that these snobby folks would have anything to do with those upstart Ewings!) But, like any romantic fantasy, its fun to read about this ‘foreign’ place and time.

It’s just junk food, bu I like these books. So sue me.

  1. Kevin Kwan, Rich People Problems, New York, Doubleday, 2017.


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