Book Review: “The Management Style of Supreme Beings” by Tom Holt

The Management Style of Supreme Being by Tom Holt

I’m a long time fan of Tom Holt, and this book was what I expect from him.

Freewheeling fantasy, with a very British flavor.  Gods and demons and supernatural powers. A large dose of social commentary, starting with the title. Snappy rom-com dialog.

What more do you want?

The overall plot revolves around a buy out of Earth’s local supernatural being (an English Standard Version to be sure). The new owners are a multi-planetary corporation with a distinctly different management philosophy, little interest in good or evil, and a lot more emphasis on profit.

It’s quite a shock to everyone, to say the least!

The denizens of the nether regions are redundant to the new regime, but kept on as a condition of the sale. However, they will now need to find a path to financial sustainability. “Hand Basket Tours”, anyone?

For good measure, there is a jolly old elf up round the North Pole who wasn’t covered in the purchase. He’s not nearly as nice as the PR would have us believe, though he apparently is watching everyone, knows who is naughty and nice, and does give out prezzies in December.

God’s second son isn’t happy, and chooses to stay on Earth, whatever the terms of the sale said.

Multiple supreme beings, tussling for control of Earth? What coul possibly go wrong?

As always, we identify with the little people are caught up in the affairs of the gods, who are called on to be heroes, whether they want to or not.

As I said, it’s Tom Holt.  Get it.  Read it.

  1. Tom Holt, The Management Style of Supreme Beings, New York, Orbit Books, 2017.


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