Turtlabot Follow Me Demo

Turtlebots are low cost, open source robots. Glancing through the tutorials, there is a lot of state of the art stuff here, including serious mapping, navigation and autonomous driving!!

The latter features are showed off in the “follow me” demo.

Neat. And, theoretically, you can DIY!

I haven’t had the time and energy to get into turtlebots, but I really should.

The ‘follow me’ demo is nice, but what I really want is a flock of raptors to follow me like this. A posse of small fast, toothy, bipeds. Maybe in a vee instead of a line. Don’t mess with me!


PS. Wouldn’t “My Raptor Posse” be a great name for a band?

How about, “A Rip of Raptors“?  Or “Personal Raptor

Or, “The Robot Raptor Revue“.


Robot Wednesday

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